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About C&R Clothiers

Perhaps more than anything, people are recognized more for their wardrobe in today's world. The quality and craftsmanship reflect not just the style, but the person as well. That is why we at C&R Clothiers are proud to represent some of the best names in men's, women’s, and kid’s everyday casual, sports, and intimate apparel on the market. Offering brands that are known around the world for their fine quality materials and outstanding style.

We have brought forward names like Gitman Brothers and Corbin to satisfy every man’s needs from the on-the-go world traveler to the everyday office executive. Whether your work takes you to far away destinations or a client across town, you can feel comfortable knowing that you look like an executive, even if the title is not present. To compliment your long work week in a suit and tie, we have a fine assortment of casual shorts and shirts to ease back and relax in, or play a round of golf. We offer fine golf apparel from companies like Cutter & Buck, Callaway, Antigua and Ashworth. 

For the women on the run, we have brought together a collection of clothing that can take you to lunch with the ladies, or put you behind the wheel on carpool days. With clothing selections like, adidas, Enell, Champion, Hanes, Bali, Playtex, and Callaway, we can put you on the tennis court, or in an evening dress feeling like a lady for that special occasion.

New to our line of clothing is a selection of youth apparel, ranging from socks and shorts, to an assortment of boy’s and girls’ underwear, t-shirts, athletic wear, and Duo-Fold thermals for those cold days awaiting the bus, or the winter ski vacation. We have compliled a nice selection of Champion, Hanes, and Duo-Fold complete style offerings that will complement any child’s activity and outerwear.

No matter where you stand in the family, mom, dad or child, C&R Clothiers has the brands, products, and sizes you need for your everyday sports, casual and business attire. Work, play, or simply relax, from sleepwear to fleece for the cold in the dead of winter, C&R Clothiers can handle your needs at a price that makes it affirdable for all of the family.

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